Istanbul Kebab House: Turkish Restaurant in Mississauga

Istanbul Kebab House: Turkish Restaurant in Mississauga

Canada is a food paradise and nobody’s complaining.

Apart from its array of desi restaurants, the city is also a host to plenty of other cuisines – Turkish being one of the top favourites. From traditional comfort food to decadent kebabs, you will find it all at the Istanbul Kebab House which is one of the best Halal Turkish restaurants.

The restaurant is a great find for anybody who’s craving for some spicy, tender and halal juicy kebabs, along with other Turkish delicacies. Not to mention the great ambience of the place, owing to its modern decor and great seating. This should obviously not come as a surprise to folks who have already dined at Istanbul Kebab House. And for those of you who are yet to visit this lovely restaurant, you’re only one stop away from the best shish and sweet baklawas (that you will probably be coming back for again).

Istanbul Kebab House- Where you can have the best Halal Turkish Food


Istanbul Kebab House has managed to earn quite a fan-following over the years by staying true to its roots and serving delicious, authentic Turkish food. It is a well-known fact that Istanbul Kebab House cooks all of their menu items using traditional recipes and spices. Here is a detailed review of the best Turkish restaurant- Istanbul Kebab house.


If you’re not much of a fan of Turkish food then this restaurant can quickly change all of that. They serve all kinds of Halal Turkish food that you have been craving, including a whole range of kebabs that you can never get tired of eating. We personally recommend you try out some of their more traditional menu items such as Iskander. This is a lips-smacking Turkish meat delicacy that’s made out of thinly cut grilled lamb drenched in tomato sauce. They also serve a range of kofte, different kinds of shish and doners – including all the Turkish food you have been waiting to have.

And when you’re filled to the brim, you’ll have to make room for dessert because they also serve some amazing Turkish deserts too, like kanafeh, Bakhlawa, Sutlac and many more. Not to mention, their complimentary Turkish tea that’s just as flavorful.



Moving forward, we’re sure you’ll like the overall ambience of the Istanbul Kebab House too. The place has ample seating arrangement which means you can enjoy a nice family meal here. However, the place tends to get busy during the weekends so we recommend making reservations if you want to avoid waiting. Above all, the restaurant is clean and well managed with its modern decor.

They also have an open kitchen which is a sight to see. Now you can witness the fire area where they prepare freshly baked dough.


The staff is courteous with tons of smiles. They are attentive and always on their toes, making sure you are always served food that’s piping hot.


1370 Dundas Street E
Mississauga, ON L4Y 2C1


4.0/ 5

The Istanbul Kebab House is the perfect stop for your quick Halal Turkish food fix. We’re certain it will satisfy your craving for halal meat. Not to mention, you can wash it all down with a cup of Turkish tea at the end.

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  1. Namik

    This is probably the best Turkish restaurant in Ontario! The food, service and the staff is great!


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