Is Copacabana Halal?

Is Copacabana Halal?

Is Copacabana halal? Well, here is the simple answer:

No. Copacabana it is NOT halal.

While compiling our post for halal steaks in Toronto, this was one of the questions that we needed an answer to.

So we reached out to all 4 Copacabana outlets in Canada through their Facebook pages.

Unfortunately, none of them responded to our request.

However, a representative from Copacabana’s head office got the news that we might have listed it as Halal based on different internet sources (Yelp.)

They have confirmed that Copacabana is not halal at this point in time.

Here is their response:

Good afternoon. This is the Head Office of Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouses. Please remove our Restaurant from your website as we do not serve Halal meat. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Respectfully, Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouses

Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouses Head Office

Just to remind everyone here, Yelp is the worst and the most unreliable source to find halal restaurants. So please do not believe everything you find on Yelp to be Halal.

Lesson to be taken:

Don’t trust everything you come across the internet.

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