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In the heart of Toronto, there’s this place that’s famous for its fried chicken and if you really are a chicken lover, you’ve probably heard of it too. Popeyes serves Halal meat and very delicious meat at that. They have multiple branches around the city but we’ve found that the one is Danforth is definitely much better than most. They provide good service, listen to your order, give you the receipt, serve you the food in a reasonable amount of time, and get your order right on the first go. The neatness and a welcoming interior adds to the charm and it can easily become your go-to place to enjoy some good chicken.

Specialties at Popeyes

If you are a sucker for fried chicken like us, and you are still unaware of this place, let us enlighten you. Deliciously crispy, juicy, well-seasoned fried chicken that comes out quick and hot from the oven. They marinate their chicken, then hand-batter and bread it in their Southern crispy coating. You can actually see the spices underneath the sit’s, its so well marinated. We suggest the best sides to go with the fried chicken are creamy and smooth mashed potatoes and mayonnaise-based coleslaw. Getting back to the chicken, they let you decide if you want it in mild, spicy or hot. If your tastebuds can take it, we certainly advise you to try the hot ones.


Efficient staff, not the warmest, but they do check up on you to make sure everything is good. The portions are good and they won’t ever leave disappointed with the food. Soon enough, you’ll probably be picking Popeye’s over KFC for next days. Do give it a visit.

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