Pita Way

45 Carlton Street Toronto, ON M5B 2H9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5B 2H9
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Middle Eastern

You may find lots of Middle Eastern restaurants in Toronto, but finding a good halal Middle Eastern restaurant here can be a challenge. Thanks to Pita Way, you can now enjoy halal and delicious Middle Eastern food. Pita Way is a small restaurant located in Toronto, Canada, the place is quickly gaining popularity because of its delicious food.

Pita Way may not be a big fancy restaurant but it offers seating arrangement and nice ambiance where you would definitely enjoy eating your yummy shawarmas or falafels. The restaurant is well organized and managed, with exceptional customer service.

Pita Way- Mediterranean Cuisine

For an authentic Mediterranean experience, Pita Way is your place to go. They have many traditional food options and they also announce weekly deals for their valuable customers. This casual shawarma offers quick service with low prices and oh so delicious food that will make anyone want to come back again.

Another amazing thing about this restaurant (apart from its amazing food) is that it is open till 4 am in the morning. That makes Pita the best restaurant for foodies who tend to get hungry at night.

What to Order at Pita Way?

You can order their shawarma in a heartbeat, it really is THAT good. They serve the best shawarmas in town. The veggies in their shawarma are fresh and healthy, and their chicken is spicy and perfectly cooked. Pita Way’s souvlaki is also something you don’t ever want to miss. It is a traditional dish made using cooked rice, spicy and juicy meat, freshly cut vegetables, potatoes, and their amazing hummus, tabbouleh.

This restaurant has all the traditional Middle Eastern dishes that are made with special recipes and lots of love that will tantalize your taste buds and will leave you wanting more.

Get in Touch with Pita Way

You can get in touch with this Mediterranean restaurant for more details by calling them or by visiting their Facebook page.

You can have all the Mediterranean goodness at Pita Way. Enjoy your fresh, hot and delicious shawarmas and falafels there. You can also go through our list of the Best Middle Eastern Restaurants in GTA for more halal restaurant options.

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