Hakka Garden

Closed: Opens at 11AM
25 Overlea Boulevard Toronto, ON M4H 1P9, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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monday11AM - 01AM
tuesday11AM - 01AM
wednesday11AM - 01AM
thursday12AM - 12AM
friday12AM - 12AM
saturday12AM - 12AM
sunday12AM - 12AM

Hakka Garden is Pakistani and Indian style Hakka Chinese Restaurant. Located in the main city of Toronto, it is famous for its Chinese food which is cooked in local spices. According to its website, the restaurant serves halal food. A common observation made here is that the restaurant provides a quicker service for takeouts rather than for people dining in. This is probably because the place is often busy even on weekdays. But don’t worry, the food is definitely worth the wait. This is a family run restaurant, with a neat place for seating. No extra decor though, just a couple of booths and that’s about it!

Specialties at Hakka Garden

The Lollipop Chicken here is quite famous, you might want to skip the soup though since it’s a little starchy. These are meaty chicken drumsticks with an ideal spice level that is coated to perfection. You should definitely try out two of their feature dishes, namely Crispy Beef and Thai Chicken. The beef is tender, well cooked and crisp. The homemade sauces are definitely a bonus. Thai Chicken tastes both sweet and spicy which is quite interesting. Though the dish is rather salty so you might want to hold off if you’re particular about your sodium intake.


Hakka Garden definitely offers better food than most Hakka places in Toronto. It’s also reasonable, considering the economy deals that they have up and running throughout the week. The only manageable downside is the restaurant seating and interior, it definitely needs an upgrade. I would definitely go back to try some more of their featured dishes.


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