Aunty’s Kitchen

Aunty’s Kitchen

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Open now: 09AM - 11PM (Today)
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Pakistani fusion cuisine

Aunty’s kitchen is one of a kind eatery located at two locations in Ontario, Mississauga and Waterloo. It offers a fusion of eastern and western cuisines, but mainly Pakistani food. The food is 100% halal as mentioned on their website. The interior is quite bright and bold. The staff and their service are both great, they are very attentive and patient with the customers. It’s a cafeteria styled place you can pay for the food and, then find a seat.

Specialties at Aunty’s Kitchen

Of all the great food you can enjoy here, nothing quite beats the naan. They are soft, fluffy and unlike other naan you’ll find in the vicinity. This restaurant takes a lot of pride in their naans so it’s featured in various ways, with different toppings and fillings like cheese, nutella, etc. Once you step in, you must try Aunty’s special Beef Nihari. The beef will melt as soon as you take a bite. Top up your Nihari with lemon, green chilies and ginger to enhance the flavors even more. Secondly, you ought to try the Butter Chicken Poutine. It had masala fries which are topped with cheese, shawarma chicken and butter chicken sauce. This killer combination is heavenly!

Another dish which you must try is their Chana masala. The dish is huge and can easily serve two people. The dish includes soaked chickpeas mixed with Punjabi spices served with Biryani and a side of fries. Now, how often do you see that? If you’ve never dipped French fries with curry, you’ll definitely start now. For desserts, try out their Nutella naan. We’ve already talked about how great the naan is so the Nutella filling makes it a killer.

Why visit

This eatery is a great addition to your list if you are a fan of Pakistani cuisine and you like to try some amazing flavor bursting dishes they have to offer. This is a restaurant that won’t disappoint. I’m not saying it’s gourmet but you get your money’s worth, a great fusion of eastern and western food with a great ambiance.


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